How Do I Decide Where to Travel Next?


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Travel Next

New Hampshire-based senior financial consultant Edward “Ed” Marsi helps clients meet financial goals by leveraging the services available through his employer. When he’s not busy working with clients, Edward Marsi enjoys traveling.

Following are four questions to ask when figuring out where to travel next:

How long of a trip do you want?
Perhaps you only have a certain amount of time for traveling before going back to work. Or you just want a short vacation to get away from everyday life. Either way, the length of your trip limits potential destinations.

What’s your budget?
You can’t visit somewhere if you can’t cover the cost of travel. Even with a favorable exchange rate, food, airfare, and hotel costs may make some destinations too expensive. Think carefully about how much you have for travel and make sure you’ll comfortably cover everything when visiting a potential destination.

Why do you want to travel?
Whether you’re traveling to learn something new, have an adventure, or spend time with loved ones, your reason for traveling affects where you go. Some destinations fulfill certain goals better than others, so it’s important to consider your motivations for traveling.

What’s your ideal environment?
Figure out what your dream vacation looks like – weather, accommodations, and landscape – and find a destination that meets those characteristics. Although an unknown place may be cheaper, it may lack the environment you want.